About me, about this.

~~~ Hia! My name is Kaitlyn. And you are? ~~~

so. This is my blog. I thank you for visiting. Let’s see what I am going to be writing about on this blog then shall we?

  • musings– random notes and quotes, things I think hilarious and want  to share mini experiences, things about school, the future the list goes on.
  • stories– I am CRAZY about them. Fantasy, historical and science fiction are my favorite genre of books, and I love to not just read them but write them too. I plan to, when I am an adult, write books for children of my age and this writing will certainly help!
  • reviews– an idea I have recently had. Reviews about books, shows and movies.

I think that covers what this is about. So I will tell you information you might find useful about me…

  • 12 year old note that I am writing this less than a week away from my birthday
  • attend a grammar school sorry but I really wasn’t pushed back at comprehensive school, so if you are looking for a cliché high school life your not getting it, we are all clever clogs to get into the school, and it;s all a bit jumbled up.
  • am attempting to be a wiccan it is really hard to teach yourself though so I am thinking about giving up on it despite several books I have bought and things I have made.
  • have 2 younger brothers for now I am just going to tell you that they are ANNOYING.

…and the things not so useful

  • I am allergic to penicilin
  • hate tomatoes
  • obsessed with pokemon actually, that might be useful…

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